Health Issues

Leg is not improving

I really don’t think my leg is improving. Sunday I went to the ER to have it looked at and after lots of tests they told me it was Cellulitis. I have had it before and from the moment I walked in the the ER that is what I thought was going on. They put me on Antibiotics and gave me a few pain pills, but I now several days later I am not sure it is improving.

I had another very short night last night, something thing that has been very common, but this time it was from pain in my left leg. I really don’t think it is improving, but I am worried about going back to the ER and possibly being hospitalized. I can’t screw up next weeks doctors appointment. | Posted 6:19 AM

Well that sucks

So the ultrasound did not go very well. Apparently it is so dense that it read as solid. The tech even called in the head of Radiology who was just as confused. He did say "how the hell do you walk?" Trust me doctor not very easily.

 The only good thing is that I found out the hospital just got a new cat scan machine that can handle my side. It is new and they are still training staff, but I should be able to get a scan soon.

 I am really miserable and in a lot of pain I'm trying to get into positions so they could use the ultrasound on me.




I am on the edge of freaking out this morning and to think I thought I was super nervous last night. That was nothing compared to how I feel this morning. NOTHING!!!

I keep trying to tell myself it will be fine, that you will finally have some answer. However, after visiting with the doctor the other day I am now really worried about what the results of this test will mean for my future. The doctor really scared me when he said that if this is a hernia and he did the surgery I would most likely die. If it is not the hernia things did not sound much better. 

I guess I need to try telling myself that if it is a hernia maybe I can use that result to get my gastric bypass fixed and that if I can lose enough weight the hernia surgery will be back on the table. Time for me to start getting ready for today.

Doctor Visit Update

My doctor's visit did not go very well yesterday, but it could have been worse. The doctor believes that it is a hernia, but said that it would most likely kill me to do the surgery.

However, unlike other doctors, he did order an ultrasound, something I have been asking doctors to do for two years.  He also has two other doctors that he is thinking about referring me to based on what the ultrasound shows. One that is an expert on hernias and the other should be able to fix my gastric bypass. I did find it funny that he laughed when I told him who did my gastric bypass years ago. He also told me that she has apparently lost her license. That I am not surprised about. That I am not surprised to hear.


This may be a real bad day.

This is my second attempt to write this post. Hopefully this time it will not vanish.

I did not sleep well last night, in part because of pain in my right knee, something I really need to talk about at some point, but mostly because I am so stressed about today's doctors' appointment I feel like I have a million things going through my head all at once. If you live north of Chicago and you hear a large boom it may be my head exploding from the stress.


I even thought about downloading a friends meditation app to help me relax, but sadly he only has an iOS version at this time and I am using Android.

I guess I should explain why I am going to the doctor today. I am planning on adding a page to this site to explain my many health problems, but it is going to be a few days before I can do that. 

Let me try a simple version. I'm going to see a surgeon, because I have a very large growth in my groin area, very large. Doctors have guessed it is around 85 lbs (38 kg) and they have called it many things including a pannus, a hernia, and even one called it a tumor.  However, because I am extremely morbidly obese I am unable to get the tests needed to find out what it is.

The pannus ( I will use the term for now ) has caused great difficulty for me. It makes it very difficult for me to walk and most likely caused my knee injury. I can't sit for very long without a lot of pain and lying down really is not much better. Finding clothes that fit is almost impossible, I have one pair of pants I can we're outside of the house.

However, the worst thing is that I keep getting wounds on the pannus that I think are caused by skin stretching from the weight of the pannus. Two years ago this month one of the wounds, which I did not even know I had, went septic and almost killed me. The ICU doctor said that I was within hours of death. I ended up spending three months in the hospital, because of the septic infection. I had to learn to walk again and it took over a year for the wound to fully heal.

While I was in the hospital a surgeon said he could remove it. I was even taking in to surgery and put under, but when I woke they had done nothing.  Apparently they got worried they would kill me with the surgery.

I have spent two years trying to find a doctor to help with this and today I go and see a another surgeon that I hope will help me remove this thing or at least point me in the right direction to get it done.

I have lost almost 100 lbs in the last year, but this thing keeps getting bigger.