New Wound

I have planned for months to write a post about my wound issue, but it has been so difficult for me to sit at a computer for very long and it is a complex subject. So as I discover I have a new wound I am going to give a basic over view.

Over the last couple years I have repeatedly developed wounds on the large growth in my groin area. One of the wounds had even gone septic and almost killed me. The doctor told me that I was most likely within hours of dying when I got to the hospital. 

The biggest problem is that I don't always know I have them and even if I find blood, like I did today, I can't find the wound itself. I know that it is hard to understand how this could be possible, but please remember the growth is around 85lbs (38.6 kg) in size. 

 I strongly believe that it is the weight of the growth that is causing the wounds. | Posted 6:28 PM