Wow, I found pants that kind of fit.

For over a year, maybe even two now that I think about it, I have had only one pair of pants that I can wear without pain and outside of the house and I have been really scared to wear them. I did not want to take a chance to damage them.

The problem is not finding pants that fit my waist, that has been getting smaller, it is the growth (I really don’t know what to call this thing anymore). It is so large that they don’t make inseams large enough so it has to rest in one of the leg holes with a leg. This requires me to have a pant leg that really stretches or the pressure on the leg is so bad that I can hardly walk and my pain level is off the chart.

Because of this I have been forced to wear shorts on most days with the growth hanging out of one of the legs. This is not only embarrassing, but makes it painful to sit. On other days I would wear pants that are extreamly painful to wear, because the leg will not stretch. I have a feeling this is what has lead to my knee injury,

Well after two years of searching and a lot of returns I have found pants that fit. They are not as comfortable as the pair my friend Sonya gave me two years ago, but they don’t hurt to wear.

I have included a link to them on Amazon only to help someone else who has run in to this problem. If someone else is going through this nightmare I hope this helps.