Things are not going very well...

It is about 12:30 pm and today did not go very well. The doctor in Wisconsin will not see me. I called this morning and setup an appointment without a problem, but when I called back to see if I could change the appointment, because I could not arrange a ride on the original day, I was told that the doctor will not see me for this disorder. I was told this doctor is one of only two doctors in the country that can help me and now this one is out. The other one is at the Mayo Clinic.

How the hell would I get to the Mayo Clinic!! I was worried about how I was going to handle the drive to Froedtert which is about 64 miles away, the Mayo Clinic is 333 miles away. Right now I really wish I was a drinker.

I really wish this blogging platform let you show the time with your posts, because just having the date can be confusion on a day with multiple posts. If my health was better I would setup my own server. (It’s 2:34 pm)