Results of CT Scan

I have been home from the doctors office for a short time now and I am kind of overwhelmed with what the doctor said and having difficulty try to get my head around what he said. I guess it was not as bad as it could have been, after all it is not a Hernia or a tumor, but I am not sure it is that much better.

The doctor says I have Scrotal Lymphedema (a.k.a Scrotal Elephantitis). Yes, that is Elephantitis has in what the Elephant man had, just a localized version. He did say that there is a possible of a surgical option to remove it, but only a few doctors in the country that can perform the surgery. Luckily one of them is in Wisconsin (Dr Michael Guralnick, MD, FRCSC from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin). However, the question I have that I can't find an answer for is that that because it is a disease, will everything come back after the surgery.

Do yourself a favor and don't Google Search it. You will lose your lunch.