What is this blog about?


Basically this blog is to tell my continuing journey to improve my life and to find Raison D’être, something that gives meaning or purpose to somebody’s life or the justification for something’s existence. While I do hope that if you stumbled across this blog that it helps or inspires you, that really is not the purpose. It is to help me focus on my goals and stay on my path so I can continue my journey. 


I originally started this blog, or a least a blog using the mypersonalblog.com domain name, back in September of 2003 to tell "My personal step-by-step journey from morbid obesity to a new life with the help of Weight Loss Surgery (WLS), and my family and friends." I did have the surgery on December 30th, 2003 and  I continued to blog about the changes that came after it until May of 2005 when I decided it was time to walked away from the blog. 

There were a few reasons why I made that decision. One of the reasons was that I returned to school in May of 2005 to get my bachelor's degree in Digital Forensics. While I love to tell myself that returning to school was the main reason for stopping the blog, after all school did take up a lot of my time, it really was only one factor. If I really wanted to, I could have found the time to make a few posts from time to time. The main reason why I walked away is a little more difficult to explain. Over the 2+ years that I was blogging about my journey I would get emails all the time from people telling me that my blog helped them on their own journey. It most cases it was just knowing that someone else was under-going the same things they were. but also I guess I inspired a few people to make changes in their own lives. A couple even got married it part because of me telling my story in the blog. The blog also helped me. It was great to have a place that I could talk about what was going on in my life and about things I was thinking about. However, while this did help me it also in the long term hurt some of the people around me which I do still regret today. In fact, trying to find the right mix of what to post about my personal life and what not to post is something I am still worried about as I relaunch the blog.

Return to Blogging

The decision to return to blogging has not been an easy one for me to make. I have tried a few times over the years, but so much has happened over the last few years that I just did not think it really was possible to continue my story. There would just be to many holes in it. That is why I have decided not to RESTART my blog, but to RELAUNCH as a new blog. This time not telling my journey from morbid obesity, but my journey to find Raison D’êtreI am sure I will talk about some things from my past, because it would be wrong to ignore it completely, but I have decided to discard my old posts and start over.  

On a side note, I did earn my bachelor's degree from DeVry University in 2008, graduating top of my class and was even honored with being Student Scholar (Valedictorian). I still can't believe that one. In 2012 I received a Masters in Information Security from Keller Graduate School of Management.