Getting ready for second trip to Froedtert

Tomorrow is going to be another long day on the road to Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. So far I have two appointments scheduled and they are working on two more. The first is for an Upper GI, the second is with Doctor Patrick C. Hettinger, MD. the plastic surgeon who will be involved with the surgery I will be having in late February or early March.

The other two appointments they want to schedule are in the bariatric department, but they may need to wait until after the results of my tests. | Posted 1:36 PM

Froedtert Bariatric Department Appointments

I just got a call again from the scheduling nurse in the Bariatric Department at Froedtert. While they are not going to do surgery, because my Gastric Bypass is not as bad as I thought it would be, they want me to meet with a Physician Assistant and a Dietitian. Both appointments are for January 14th, 2019, but I am thinking about canceling them, because 140 miles round trip is a little much for something I could get done a few miles away. I am just worried it could screw up everything else.

Bariatric Department Update

I just got another call from a nurse with the Froedtert Bariatric Department to ask me another set of questions. While I still think barbaric surgery is unlikely they are looking at developing a weight loss plan for me. They are going to call me again tomorrow to see if they can schedule tests for Wednesday while I am near the hospital.

Appointment Updates

I have not posted in a few day, because I am still in a lot of pain and finding difficult to walk I am really worried that I did something to my left leg on the trip. However, things are moving forward. I have received two calls from the hospital about future appointments.

The first was from the Bariatric Department about fixing my gastric bypass and I have to say I don’t think that call went very well and my impression right now is that I will not be having that surgery. I think was kind of a long shot anyway.


The second call was to setup an appointment with Doctor Patrick C. Hettinger, MD. Dr Hettinger is the plastic surgeon that hopefully will be performing the surgery with Dr Guise. I really don’t know much about him, but what I can find online he is high rated. That appointment will be next Wednesday December 12th at a different facility near the hospital. I will update more when I know more. | Posted 3:08 PM

Post Appointment Thoughts

I don’t expect this post to be very long, because we just got home about an hour ago and I am in extreme pain. I can hardly even put weight on my left leg and it is refusing to bed. That said the drive and stress may have been a nightmare, but in the end the day was good great.

I very impress with Dr Guise. She is very knowledgeable, did a great job explain things to me, and maybe even more important not only had some great ideas on what can be done to help me, but she agreed to do it. It turns out that the diagnostic I had been giving was not 100% correct. It is not Scrotal Lymphedema (a.k.a Scrotal Elephantitis), but another form of Lymphedema which sadly the name escapes me. However, it they are very much related.

So what is going to happen? Right now the only solution is some lifestyle changes and major surgery. If everything goes has it tentatively planned I will have surgery some time in the end of February or early March. Right now the team at Froedtert has to do a lot of planning and I will need to meet with several other doctors over the next couple months. The surgery will be between 5 to 6 hours long and I will be in the hospital for at least 5 to 7 days before I will need to to the a physical therapy and wound center (a lot like the one I went to two years ago.) There is also a possibility of a second surgery to fix my screwed up gastric bypass.

I am both excited and freaking out over this. It is a very dangerous surgery, but if I don't do anything I won't be around for much longer.

A quick word about Froedtert

I was already impress with Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin after the phone calls and the new patient package they sent me, but not that I am here I am even more impressed. This place is massive, I don’t think I have ever seen a hospital complex larger than this one.

That said the walk from the parking garage was very difficult after that long drive, I am not really looking forward to the walk back. | Posted 1:48 PM

Ready for tomorrow

I am ready, well at least I think thank I am ready, for my doctor appointment tomorrow. I have all the paperwork, copies of my tests, and even photos of the wound that almost killed me two years ago.

I also have programmed the hospital's address in Waze and Google maps as a backup. It is a lot farther than I thought, over 60 miles. I hope my body corporates with that long of a drive. I know I will be hurting when I get there, but I can deal with that. I more worried I will not be able to walk. | Posted 4:30 PM

Weight Gain & Lots of Pain

So far today is not going very well. I am in a real lot of pain in left leg. I really don't think the infection is improving the way it should be, but I don't want to go back and have it looked at until after my appointment with the doctor in Wisconsin. If it is still hurts the end of the week I will do something.

To make my day worse I got on the scale today and some how I have put on 21 lbs. I don't understand this. I have been eating less, I can put on shirts two sizes smaller than I could a few months ago, and I am still putting on weight. It has to be the grouth. I can tell it is getting larger, because the pants I was so excited about finding a few weeks ago, all of a sudden are painful to wear. | Posted 11:30ish AM

Leg is not improving

I really don’t think my leg is improving. Sunday I went to the ER to have it looked at and after lots of tests they told me it was Cellulitis. I have had it before and from the moment I walked in the the ER that is what I thought was going on. They put me on Antibiotics and gave me a few pain pills, but I now several days later I am not sure it is improving.

I had another very short night last night, something thing that has been very common, but this time it was from pain in my left leg. I really don’t think it is improving, but I am worried about going back to the ER and possibly being hospitalized. I can’t screw up next weeks doctors appointment. | Posted 6:19 AM

Paperwork Arrives

I thought I was going to have a heart attack for a moment when an envelope from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin came. I know it is stupid, but all I could think is that it was them canceling the appointment. I was littererly shaking as I opened the envelope only to find it is basically a new patient welcome package, with a few forms to fill out, maps, and instructions to finding where I need to go when I get to their campus. | POSTED 12:35 PM

One week to Appointment

No this is not really me. It is a stock photo.

No this is not really me. It is a stock photo.

A few months ago, after years of trying to find an answers, I was diagnosed with a rare disorder known as Scrotal Lymphedema (a.k.a Scrotal Elephantitis). After a little confusion I was about to find a doctor that hopefully will be able to help me. Her name is Dr Amy Guise at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, I really don’t know much about the doctor other than what is on her online profile, but I do have friends who have gone to Froedtert for help when know other hospital could help them.

The hardest part the last few months has been the wait. I have had a lot of anxiety over what she is going to say. Will she turn me away? Will she tell me that I am now beyond help? Will she have a option, but my insurance will say no? It is all putting me on the edge of going crazy. I have had a lot of sleepless nights.

I have been hoping the the anxiety would get better as the appointment got closer, but now that it is a week away I am really FREAKING OUT !!!!!

| POSTED 11:00 AM

In the ER (or is that ED?)

I am currently in the Advocate Condell ER, or I guess it is now called an ED now. The reason I am here this time is that I am having pain in my left leg. I am sure it is a skin infection, but because I have had clots before they have to do a crap load of tests. All I know is that I am in lots of pain and this bed is very uncomfortable. | Posted 9:40 AM

Thanksgiving Projects

Trying to keep my brain from becoming slush I have been working on miscellaneous projects. I have a lot of stuff I want to do, but my body is just not cooperating. It is just not possible for my to sit or stand for very long without a lot of pain.

So what have I been working on. With Thanksgiving later this week I have been working on my 3D Design and Printing Skills. Most of the items in this gallery come from Thingiverse, but are a few are my own design or customized some.

I'm back

I have not posted in a few weeks, mostly because it is not very easy for me make posts from my phone and I had to rebuild my laptop have a crash I still don’t understand. The computer is working for now, but I really don’t know if I can trust it. The other reason I have not been posting is that no much has been going on. I am basically just waiting for my appointment at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin with Dr Amy Guise.

I am really still stressed about this appointment. I can’t live this way anymore.

Starting a Jack-o-Lantern Army

The start of my Jack-O-Lantern Army

The start of my Jack-O-Lantern Army

Not really the best design and I had to had modify them by hand (not seen in picture), because my computer died a few days ago. I have a few other designs that I had sliced (got ready for 3D Printer) that I am going to print, but until I can figure out what is keeping my computer from booting I will not be able to do more designs.

However, I am working on another Jack-o-Lantern that is not going to require the 3D Printer. Well, that is not 100 true, I needed a mounting bracket for that one that I 3D Printed a few weeks ago.

I also got a great deal on small battery powered Tea Lights from | Posted 11:07 AM

Looking forward to Halloween


I really don’t know why, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don’t dress-up, I go to parties, I just really enjoy the spooking stories, the fall weather, and the trick-or-treaters coming to visit. However, while I have always want to decorate the house we never really have, but this year is going to be a little different.

I am not going to be able to do as much as I would like, but now that have a 3d-Printer I am going to have some fun. | Posted 8:10 AM