New Wound

I have planned for months to write a post about my wound issue, but it has been so difficult for me to sit at a computer for very long and it is a complex subject. So as I discover I have a new wound I am going to give a basic over view.

Over the last couple years I have repeatedly developed wounds on the large growth in my groin area. One of the wounds had even gone septic and almost killed me. The doctor told me that I was most likely within hours of dying when I got to the hospital. 

The biggest problem is that I don't always know I have them and even if I find blood, like I did today, I can't find the wound itself. I know that it is hard to understand how this could be possible, but please remember the growth is around 85lbs (38.6 kg) in size. 

 I strongly believe that it is the weight of the growth that is causing the wounds. | Posted 6:28 PM


I hate not knowing makes it hard to focus

I have a lot of projects that I need to work on and even more that I want to work on, but my health issues make it very difficult for me to work on them. I can’t sit for very long before I really start hurting and after an hour or so the pain becomes unbearable. To reduce the pain I need to step away from the project for a while and put my legs up which makes me lose focus on the project and when I return to it I feel lost.

What is making things even worse right now is not knowing what is going on. I have no idea if the doctors are going to go forward with the surgery planning while I try to work things out financially. I am trying to clear this from my head and focus on working, but it is almost impossible.


The only thing that is keeping me from going completely off the edge right now is my dog. Kit knows something is wrong and she is right at my side trying to comforter me. If fact right now I am trying to type this last paragraph one handed, because she will not give me my right hand back.

God I love this dog.

Okay it is not that bad, but still not that great.

I just got off the phone with my insurance company. I gave them the list of CPT Codes and they said they will cover them, but the coverage amount is dependent on a lot of factors. The person I spoke to also told me that they thought the second part of the surgery may also be covered, because it is direct reconstruction related to procedures I gave the,

I called and spoke to the nurse to tell her what they said and she was going to pass the information on to the other doctors office, which sounds great, but it was highly implied that I need to find additional funding to cover this. A few friends have suggested GoFundMe, but I hate asking people for help and I really don’t think anyone will give money to help me. | Posted 2:15 PM

It is getting worse

Holy Shit this is getting worse.. I just got a call from a Nurse with Dr Amy Guise (the primary surgeon) and they don’t think my insurance will pay for her part of the surgery. So what am I at $80,000 deposit now?

Take a deep breath Ken!! I may be overreacting. She did not say that the insurance “will not pay”, she said they are not sure and they want me to call the insurance company and find out. She gave me a list of Procedure Codes (CPT) and a Diagnostic Code to give the insurance company, but she did not sound very positive that they would pay for the surgery. | Posted 10:05AM

Still Sick

This is not good I am still really sick. I can’t keep anything down and I am fighting with a fever still. I hope I get over this by the time I have to go meet with Froedtert Bariatric Department on January 14th. The bad thing is that I was asked to keep a food log, right now it is empty because I am not eating.

Still no date for Surgery

It is the new year and the holidays are officially over so I sent a message to both surgeons today to try and get a date for the Surgery. Last I was told it would be March or April, but at this point I can’t do March. I just don’t have a way to get to the hospital. My dad wants to take me, but he can’t get off in March.

Had a Great Time today

Today was the first time in a long time that I have gone to a party and I had a really great time. Thank you Sonya and Clara for inviting me and thank you to everyone else at the party for putting up with me. My health issues can make it a little difficult for everyone.

On a side note, kids grow-up to fast!


I am really starting to hurt though, but it was worth the pain. | Posted 9:15 PM

Christmas Eve

My dad is a retired police officer and like most law enforcement families we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. The main reason dates back to when my dad was still on the department and he always had to work on Christmas Day, but now it has kind of just become a family tradition. This year was not any different and tonight we crammed 28 people in to our very small home. I ended up spending the night chasing my step nieces and nephews around the house trying to reduce the damage they were causing. Their parents were busy enjoying themselves..

While I do my best to try and enjoy the holiday, I really don’t like Christmas. I really don’t know why, maybe it is that I feel guilty that I can’t get more for people, maybe it is because I hate crowds, or maybe it is that I know that at some point in my life I will be all along on this day. At least I got to spend time with Catalina tonight. She was my 8 year old lifeline tonight.

Tomorrow may be better. I am going over to a friends house for Christmas Dinner. It is the first time in a very long time that I have gone over to her house. I am really looking forward to it. | Posted 10:45 PM

Wow, what a day

Finally home from today’s trip to Froedtert. I am in a lot of pain and really overwhelmed by everything that Doctor Patrick C. Hettinger, MD said. I have known all along that this is going to be a very dangerous surgery, but he kind of scared me a little. First, I should point out that it is no longer going to be a single surgery, but two. He recommends this because there would be almost a 100% chance of complications with wound care, but making it two that drops to about 30% of a chance.

So right now the plan is the the first surgery will be sometime in March and will be the big surgery with removal of 75 lbs to 85 lbs of skin and tissue from my belly and groin area. He even described on of the surgical incisions as being from hip to hip. After that surgery I will be at Froedtert for about five days than I will be transferred to a different facility for wound care and physical therapy..

The second surgery will be more of reconstructive procedure, basically rebuilding my penis. We ready did not talk much about the post op and recovery for that surgery anther than the surgery will not reduce functionality.

Well that is enough for now. I am going to try and get some rest, I am not even going to recheck this post for spelling and grammar so sorry if parts are not very understandable. | Posted 7:08 PM

Froedtert Second Trip

Going to be a long day today. I have two appointments up north in at Froedtert. The first is for an Upper GI, the second is with Doctor Patrick C. Hettinger, MD. the plastic surgeon who will be involved with the surgery I will be having in late February or early March. We are hitting the road a little early, because the news is reporting a snow storm. I am not looking forward to this drive | Posted 6:46 AM.